Founded in 2009, Met Koli

started corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard package manifacture with a completely innovative outlook. Met Koli continues to provide packaging solutions in all areas by offering eco-friendly and cost-effective special packaging to the market.


Since the beginning.

Met Koli is a rapidly growing Turkish packaging company thanks to its past manufacturing, marketing and human relations experience.

Handmade, high quality products through sustainable manufacturing

Met Koli has become a recognized brand in the market due to its success in packaging. It has continued to grow with success for many years, while expanding its expertise on technology, product and service.

LuxBoxPack is developing slow and steady, and believes that it’ll become the first brand that comes to mind through its special and luxury packaging know-how and innovation. Met Koli’s experience on development, design, manufacturing and logistics goes back for many years. Therefore they know that in the future, all luxury and high quality packaging will be known under the brand of LuxBoxPack.

LuxBoxPack’s manufacturing is in compliance with European standards. It proudly offers service to many large companies particularly in Turkey, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

As a result of research and development process, LuxBoxPack brand has been founded in 2018 in order to offer rational, fast and economic products for luxury packaging.


Handmade Boxes, Laminated Offset Boxes, Luxury Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Luxury Cardboard Bags and Other Products.

LuxBoxPack cares about environmental and biological values, preserves the quality of handmade production and uses eco-friendly raw materials. Our most important principle is to leave a world worth living for future generations, while manufacturing recyclable luxury packaging.