Luxury Cardboard Bags

Laminated luxury cardboard pouches and bags are hand produced with 1st grade American Bristol cardboard, fantasy imported paper and natural Kraft paper material. Handle ropes and ornament ropes can be customized in order to complete your brand in a perfect manner. Visuals can be enhanced through offset print, foil print, partial lacquer, embossing, grain and such. In order to enhance the durability of cardboard bags, base reinforcement and mouth reinforcement can be used if desired. Braided rope, grossgrain, herringbone and satin ribbon handles can be applied. We offer products to customers from various industries such as textile, jewellery, optics, fair participants, glasswares, hotels, fashion designers, cosmetics. Cardboard bags are usually produced vertically or horizontally.

Cardboard varieties: White Kraft, Natural Kraft, Bristol and custom cardboards. 
Handles: Polypropylene Rope, Cotton Rope, Polyester Rope, Spun Polypropylene Rope, Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain Ribbon, Cotton (Herringbone) Ribbon, Spun Paper Handle, El Geçmeli, Plastic Tube


2-4 weeks by road

5-7 days by airline


Gilt Foil, Embossed Lacquer, Grain, Local Lacquer, Emboss, Metallic Cellophane, Glitted Lacquer, Matt / Shiny Cellophane, Velvet / Scratch-proff Matt Cellophane, Bird's eye veneer.


100 Pcs.

Laminated Luxury Cardboard Bag

Eco-Friendly Luxury Cardboard Bag

Kraft Bag

Food Bag