Luxury Corrugated Cardboard Box

Corrugated cardboard boxes are produced with corrugated cardboard which has rows of columns. These boxes are biodegradable and since they produced with recycled material, they are known to be eco-friendly. After the desired design has been sent, a sample model can be prepared with laser cut technique, preproduction.


2-4 weeks by road

5-7 days by airline


1-4 colors of flexo printing on corrugated cardboard according to the demand and number, in orders with high numbers masterflex printing with offset quality (E flute - B flute - F flute - E+B flute)


500 Pcs.

Printed Kraft Box

Wineglass Box

Olive Oil Bottle Box

Food Box

Pizza Box

E-commerce Box

Fruit - Vegetable Box

Wine Box

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