The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020

The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020
The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020
The Role of Sustainable Packaging in 2020

Sustainable packaging has become a higher priority for both brands and customers-more so now than ever. 

McDonald's revealed their packaging will be 100% reusable and recycled by 2025. 

Millennials are pushing brands to take greater social and environmental responsibility. 

Clearly the term 'eco-friendly packaging' is more than just a buzzword.

In reality, bringing eco packaging into the operations of your company is no longer an choice- it's a must. 


Most of us have been brought up in our vocabulary with the expression 'reduce, reuse, recycle. Today, maintaining these same values is important for your company. Not only to benefit the environment but also to increase brand loyalty for customers who are environmentally conscious.

Material science and packaging technologies are growing at an incredible pace. As a result, there are more environmentally friendly packaging choices on the market which can take care of a wide variety of items. 

For plant-based packaging and biodegradable plastic packaging, there have also been several breakthroughs. This also means that reducing carbon footprint is becoming easier for your brand.

So let's immerse yourself in the world of eco-friendly packaging, and see the benefits for your brand. But before we go too deep, what does sustainability mean for packaging really?


What is sustainable packaging?
Sustainable packaging is packaging that, over time, reduces its environmental footprint.

This can happen in a number of ways:

Ingredients: Using raw 100% recycled or raw materials
Production process: By minimising the production process, supply chain and carbon footprint
Reusability: Creating a circular economy around the packaging, extending its lifecycle and usability.

It's simple to say that the environment is entirely about sustainable packaging. It should also take account of the economic and social factors. 

Plant-based packaging, for example, might seem like a viable option. But quite often that means clearing crops from endangered rainforests.

The economic factor needs to be taken into account. It needs to be competitively priced over traditional packaging options.

Labeling something “eco-friendly” doesn't mean it's sustainable. Similarly, labelling something sustainable does not mean it is ethical.

Definitions aren’t always black and white. It’s crucial to ask your packaging manufacturer a number of questions. 

Eco-friendly packaging, coupled with sustainable package design, is a potent combination. These characteristics can be a great way to set your brand above your competitors.


What is sustainable packaging design?
Sustainable packaging design is designing packaging of products with the primary purpose of doing as little harm as possible to the environment. 

It is done by the use of recycled products. You can do this also with another purpose in mind when designing your packaging. It can work wonders.


Why packaging sustainability is important
There's no need to go into details as to why sustainable packaging matters. If you are reading this article, you know it's very important. 

If you're a brand looking to use sustainable packaging, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of the process.

  • Don’t change everything at once
  • Order product samples
  • Consider a redesign
  • Adjust your pricing
  • Order small volumes
  • Consider eco-ing your product
  • Flaunt your eco packaging

Work your sustainability into your marketing campaigns and ensure people know you 're out there to help the environment.


You've seen the current state of sustainable packaging and how your brand can begin to use it. Now you can see how a brand can use sustainable packaging to build a better relationship with their eco-minded customers.

With a global shift towards fighting climate change, we are set to grow and change the way we approach packaging. Rather than being an alternative option, sustainable packaging is only going to become more important.

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